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48-Hour Deocream


Its anti-odour action lasts for 48 hours.   Podovis® 48-Hour Deocream regulates perspiration to prevent the transformation of elements on the skin into odorous substances. Its new formula contains “intelligent” molecules, activated only when they come into contact with enzymes produced by odour-causing bacteria. This produces a guaranteed “reserve effect”: the inactive molecules are not […]

Alcahol wipes Available IN STOCK

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Alcahol wipes 75% alcahol 10pc per pack

Anti-Fatigue Gel


Podovis® Anti-Fatigue Gel, with an intensive refreshing action since the first application, provides an effective relaxing action on the feet and legs., avoiding the frustrating sensation of heaviness and fatigue in the lower limbs. Designed specifically to provide “ice effect” and immediate relief and a feeling of restored health. The formula is enriched with Aloe […]

Cracked Heels restoring Cream


Designed specifically to soften and nourish dry and cracked skin on the feet, especially on the heels. Podovis® Regenerative Cracked Heels Cream acts on cracks to give you visible results after just two days of use, thanks to the presence of Urea. The formula is further enriched with emollient agents and avocado, which nourishes the […]

Cream Talc Effect


A formula containing natural agents that absorb sweat and prevent bad odours from forming give this product an effective deodorising action that lasts all day. Its special formula, containing tapioca starch for its absorbent properties and emollient provitamin B5, keeps the skin dry and pleasantly silky. It also contains menthol, for a delightful fresh sensation. […]

Crema riduci callosita


Designed specifically to perform the double action of preventing and reducing calluses. The formula contains two active ingredients that work together: urea visibly reduces calluses and thickening of the skin from day three special anti-friction micro-beads stop the skin of the feet from rubbing against surfaces, thus preventing the formation of new calluses. pineapple extract, […]

Deo Spray


DEOSPRAY 48-HOUR It has an effective anti-odour action that lasts 48 hour.   ALSO SUITABLE FOR DIABETIC FEET. Podovis® Deospray 48-Hour, thank to its not-oily formula, leaves a pleasant “dry effect” on skin, respecting the natural hydrating skin level.   Its new formulation contain natural ingredient with important cosmetic properties: Bamboo extract, natural anti-bacterial with […]

Digital Thermometer


Digital Thermometer – Fast 1 Minute readout – Digital easy to read – Auto Shut-Off

Disposable Gloves – Powder Free Small


Disposable Gloves – Powder Free 100 Gloves Per box The Shield2 GD09 Powder-Free Vinyl Disposable Gloves are single use, high quality PVC plastisol gloves that are designed to provide durable hand protection. Completely latex-free, the GD09 Vinyl Gloves are a safe and economical alternative to latex and nitrile disposable gloves, and are ideal for users with latex […]

Disposable Masks Pack of 20


Disposable Mask 4 Hrs use only. IN STOCK IN MALTA

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