Cold Fogger – 5 Litres

899.00 850.00

Cold Fogger – 5 Litre Capacity. 1-year warranty and replacement parts available Cold Fogger usually used in the following applications: Sanitation Food processing plant Transportation (cruise ship, aeroplane, cargo container) Pharmaceutical packaging Hospital, School, Daycare Veterinary clinic Home and commercial building What Are Cold Foggers? Cold Foggers are a device you can use to fight […]

Electrostatic Portable Fogger Electric Battery Sprayer Machine

2,000.00 1,600.00

An electrostatic battery powered cold fogger. You can use this fogging machine to disinfect diverse areas and spaces. It is suitable for disinfecting public places, surfaces as well as for both indoor and outdoor environments. You can be assured to receive long & distant sprays. It is based on atomization technology which offers strong absorption […]

Ghibli Rolly Commercial Floor Scrubber Dryer

3,800.00 3,200.00

A commercial scrubber dryer designed for effective hygienic cleaning in noise-sensitive environments. Providing up to an hour of uninterrupted runtime, this battery powered machine features a twin squeegee system with alternative suction in either direction, and adjustable brush pressure for a tailored clean on every surface. Powered by a 24V lithium battery for up to […]

Hako B3 Scrubber Drier

4,200.00 3,750.00

The Hako B3 Scrubber Drier is a practical, easy-to-transport scrubber drier designed to efficiently clean small and hard to reach areas. The lightweight design and collapsible tie bar save storage space and make the machine easy to transport, it even fits into the boot of your car.

Hako Vacuum Cleaner 15 Lts


CLEANSERV VL1-15 & VL1-30: The Cleanserv VL1-15 & VL1-30 industrial vacuums are compact and user-friendly wet and dry vacuum cleaners. They have been purposely built to happily approach cleaning tasks within both industrial and commercial environments. These cleaning devices will combat locations such as offices and hotels as well as they will warehouses and garages. […]

Hako Vacuum Cleaner VL2-70 Lts


CLEANSERV VL2-70: The Cleanserv VL2-70 is a highly robust vacuum, suitable for wet and dry cleaning. With its solid handlebar and large wheels, it is able to cope with steps and a variety of thresholds with ease. Practical and versatile; the built-in draining system for fluids means that the Cleanserv VL2-70 remains convenient, whilst the […]

Kränzle therm CA 12/150 (400V)


Kränzle therm CA 12/150 (400V) Product characteristics: All-terrain chassis Optional: integrated hose reel with folding crank handle 15 m high-pressure hose (with hose reel) 10 m high-pressure hose (without hose reel) Pressure regulation: Working pressure infinitely variable Clearly arranged control panel to regulate the water temperature 7.5 m connection cable with cable reel Organisation system […]



SWEEPMASTER M600: The Sweepmaster M600 is a wonderfully compact, entirely manual sweeping machine that is ideal for use in indoor and outdoor contexts. One of its particularly effective attributes is the sweeping and collection capacity; it has been engineered to complete a theoretical sweep of 2,300 m2 cleaned in one single hour! With strength and […]